Qolsys IQ Temp QS5515-840 Temperature

Qolsys IQ Temp QS5515-840 Temperature
Manufacturer: Qolsys

Qolsys IQ Temp Temperature
: QS5515-840


Detects both low temp (below 40º) and high temp (above 100º) in a single sensor.

The Qolsys IQ Temp warns of severe temperature changes and detects high (~100 degrees F) or low (~40 degrees F) temperatures depending on the users desired monitoring (i.e. freezing pipes or home comfort). Perfect as an early warning for HVAC system failure,it can help prevent harm to the elderly or infirm and pets, as well as costly damage due to freezing temperatures or excessive heat over long periods of time. Homeowners are alerted to the danger via text message and on-screen notifications on the IQ Panel. The IQ Temp uses a new antenna design enabling better performance on a variety of surfaces, including metal doors, and has a 8-10 year battery life.