Qolsys IQ Pin Pad QS-1311-P01

Qolsys IQ Pin Pad QS-1311-P01
Manufacturer: Qolsys

Qolsys IQ Pin Pad
: QS-1311-P01


Wireless Wall Fob / Pin Pad

If two is better than one, then 10 should be even more amazing. The IQ Pin Pad is small and discreet, and gives you easy access to your arming and disarming functions without compromising your home's security. 

This product can arm in stay or away modes, disarm your system, and even trigger an emergency panic. 

This compact device can be carried in a purse or stowed in a pocket, left in the glove compartment of your car or mounted to a fixed location with the included adhesive strip, making sure that you'll have access when you want it, where you want it.